Happy Healthy Teen Program

This class will bring you to the next level in the gym, opening doors to exercise without parental supervision. At teen spin and yoga combo you will be able to build healthy habits early to become an excellent role model for others. Member or non-member, bring a friend, see new faces, and have a great workout!

The vision of this class is to expose teenagers to the basic movements of yoga and to gain confidence with a spin bike. Introducing high endurance conditioning to increase heart rate and then yoga to increase mobility and flexibility of the body. This class includes 30 minutes spin and 45 minutes yoga.

When: June 18-August 15
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 11AM-12:15PM
Cost: Members - free, Community - $5 per class


For more information, please contact:
Peter Lambert, Health and Wellness Department Fellow
[email protected]

978-685-3541 ext. 434
Facebook: Merrimack Valley YMCA